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Reiki is a form of hands on healing. It is a way of channelling the life force energy from the Universe or Creator or Great Spirit. Reiki has its own intelligence and will go where it is meant to go. It can work on every level, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, allowing healing to take place.


A session is about an hour, with a short inital chat, around 45 minutes of Reiki, and a final feedback session. You may experience images or sensations as the Reiki is happening, or you may experience nothing. This does not mean that nothing is happening, but everybody responds differently to the energies.


The cost is £40 for the session.


Some people decide to learn Reiki to use on themselves, and also on friends, family and pets. I offer Reiki training. Reiki I can be learnt in a day. The cost is £120 for the day, and if you have a session of Reiki with me you will receive a £20 discount on the training.