Serenity Therapies

Shamanic Healing

I trained for 2 years, between 2005 - 6, with the Eagles Wing School, under Howard Charing. I specialise in Soul Retrieval and Extraction Medicine, a form of psychic surgery. I have done more training since then and continue to extend my understanding of shamanic techniques and practices to enhance my healing work.


The shaman in a tribe was the healer and the person who connected to the other invisible realms, where information can be obtained. Everything in the Universe is energy and the shaman uses intent and certain techniques to affect the energies to help the person heal.


My main influence is South American, in particular the practices from the Andean region, but also Amazonian influences. All shamans around the world used similar techniques and many Native American practices are similar. I can hold sweat lodge ceremonies. I use sacred tobacco in some of my work, and also work with other plant spirits.


It is a very gentle, but profound, form of healing. In a soul retrieval the shaman journeys to the lower, or upper world, to discover any lost soul parts that need to be returned for full health and wholeness. This part is integrated into the person's being and very big shifts can take place. Sometimes these parts have been missing for years, as much of our trauma happens in childhood.


I charge £50 for a shamanic healing session.


I also hold ceremonies and workshops. For further information click here

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