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Shamanic ceremony

Many of you will be aware that over the last 10 years I have been working in a shamanic way and learning many techniques to help people.


This is a list of the main training and workshops I have attended:

2005-6 Shamanic practitioner course with Eagle's Wing School, taught by Howard Charing

2009 Trance Dance  with Leo Rutherford (Eagle's Wing)

2011 Awakening the Enchantress with Dawn Russell & Lorraine Grayston (Eagle's Wing)

2011 Munay Ki Initiations with Michelle Holdaway

2013 Trance Dance with Wilbert Alix (Portugal)

2014 Shaman as Creator & Artist with Howard Charing (Rumania)

2014 -15 Sweat Lodge Facilitator with Leo Rutherford

2015 Inka Shamanism at Shamanka, with Eliana Harvey

2015 Awakening the Warrior with Chamalu (Janajpacha Community, Cochabamba, Bolivia)

2006 - 14 Various Plant Spirit Ceremonies in UK and at El Purguero, Iquitos, Peru, and Phoenix Ayahuasca Centre, Iquitos, Peru

2014 & 15 Plant Consciousness events in London


My journey has led me to South America and Peru, as they have been the main shamanic techniques I have learnt about, although all shamanic traditions worldwide have similar techniques. In particular, the Inkan or Andean tradition has resonated strongly with me. It is a very gentle feminine tradition which involves many ceremonies and rituals to nature spirits, and the spirits of the apus (mountains), the waters, the moon and the sun.


The planet is a living being, and everything from trees to stones to water itself, has a consciousness. The major malady of mankind is that too many people have lost their connection to this consciousness, and are therefore able to treat it as an object, as something to just take from, and as something to dominate. We must get back our connections to this source of life force energy or we are surely doomed. When all the trees are cut down, when we have lost all our natural medicines, when the whole earth is poisoned, then where can we go? I have no doubt that eventually the plants would come back, but we will not be able to. Plants have been around far longer than we have and have survived many cataclysms that have wiped out people and animals. We need to start listening to them and helping them to help us.


I will be holding some ceremonial days and evenings, and holding workshops to introduce some of the ideas and techniques of the shamanic way. Please let me know if this might be of interest to you.